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SUPER RAPIDO MODEL Training Shoes [Red ✕ White ✕ Black]

SUPER RAPIDO MODEL Training Shoes [Red ✕ White ✕ Black]

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FUEGO training shoes “SUPER RAPIDO”
[Note] How to choose a size: Please choose a size that is -1 cm (-1 inch) smaller than the actual size.
◯Color type: [Red ✕ White ✕ Black]
◯Model type: [SUPER RAPIDO]

A pair of shoes developed for training.

The excellent combination of design, lightness, stability, cushioning, and grip will take your performance to new heights.

◎Stylish design
Stylish and sophisticated appearance highlights your personality

◎Optimal weight reduction
Lightweight shoes that are perfect for training, neither too heavy nor too light.
Reduces the burden on your feet even during long training sessions, maximizing your agility.

◎Supports stability
Medium thick sole design supports stability
Allows you to maintain balance when punching or stepping for more powerful and accurate movements

◎Shock absorption material
The insole uses a special gel cushion material that absorbs shock to the feet.
This reduces the strain when punching, jumping, or running, and allows you to withstand long training sessions.

◎Excellent grip power
It won't slip even on the ring or gym floor, allowing you to keep your footing securely.

*Points to note

1. Please be sure to use the appropriate one depending on the purpose.
“When training” = training shoes
“During sparring or matches” = boxing shoes

2. How to choose size
The shoes are made larger to reduce the stress on the toes during training, so a size -1cm smaller than the actual size will provide optimal performance.

3. To improve performance
By using it together with boxing socks (sold separately),
Increased grip and even better performance


Upper: Breathable mesh (synthetic fiber)/artificial leather Sole: EVA + rubber sole

Number of pairs

1 set for both legs, left and right

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