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NT3 MODEL Kickboxing Shorts (Middle Length)

NT3 MODEL Kickboxing Shorts (Middle Length)

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Get stylish charm without the hassle!
The new [Express Series] from FUEGO has a finish that feels like it's custom-made just for you, and brings out your unique personality.
The materials and quality used are the same as those of custom-made products.
The Express Series is affordable and easy to obtain, making it ideal for those looking for the same quality and individuality as custom-made products.

FUEGO KICKBOXING SHORTS [Express series/NT3 model] Immediate delivery◯Color type: [White×Silver×Light blue]
◯Model type: [NT3]

【Product Summary】
(Front side black main part fabric) Wave pattern fabric (Front side waist line silver part fabric) Metallic enamel fabric (Front side silver side line part fabric) Glitter fabric (Front light blue line tape part fabric) Enamel fabric (Front side silver slit tape part fabric) Fabric) Metallic enamel fabric (lining fabric) Polyester white & silver fabric Production:
FUEGO (MADE IN JAPAN/in-house production)

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