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FUEGO boxing socks

FUEGO boxing socks

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FUEGO “boxing socks”
*Washing and shrinking the socks before use will provide more compression.

*The shoes in the product image are for illustrative purposes only, and the shoes themselves are not included.

FUEGO boxing socks are the successor to FUEGO grip socks.
There are differences that specialize in improving performance through functionality and compression effects.
The compression effect around the ankle increases the stability of the ankle.
This allows you to perform the quick steps and movements required for boxing more smoothly.
In addition, by immobilizing the ankle, it helps athletes demonstrate speed and power.
Made of highly breathable material, these shoes keep your feet comfortable even during long training sessions.
In addition, the soles of the socks have a special knitting method that protects the soles of your feet.
This allows players to reduce fatigue on the soles of their feet and maintain their best performance during long training sessions and matches.


Polyester, nylon, polyurethane

Number of pairs

1 set for both legs, left and right



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