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Hajime no Ippo x FUEGO Boxing Shoes [Takamura Mamoru Ver.]

Hajime no Ippo x FUEGO Boxing Shoes [Takamura Mamoru Ver.]

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The "SUPER ESTRELLA" model's lightweight, streamlined, gorgeous, yet stylish and speedy design is colored to match the image of each character, and the title logo and character illustrations are printed on the tongue of the shoe.
The package will be the original complete preservation version "LIMITED EDITION" specification.

[SUPER ESTRELLA model concept]
SUPER ESTRELLA means "Superstar" in Spanish.
An overwhelming presence that everyone admires, an absolute champion
Its absolute strength is
Stirs the hearts of the viewers and evokes a storm of emotion.
Get overwhelming victory with “Spell Estrella”!

FUEGO (MADE IN JAPAN/in-house production)


Upper: Breathable mesh (synthetic fiber)/artificial leather (Clarino)
Sole: rubber sole

Number of pairs

1 set for both legs, left and right


Approximately 235g (26.0cm example, per leg)

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Smooth, streamlined, advanced design with a sense of speed

inner grip

Maintains a good fit and high hold when stepping on the pedal


Achieves outstanding lightness despite its gorgeous design *(26.0cm=235g/per foot)


When worn with FUEGO GRIP SOCKS (sold separately), the grip inside the shoe is increased, creating even more explosive power and achieving maximum performance.

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